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Our Industry

The Caravanning industry, according to statistics from the RVMAA, is showing record year to year growth and the highest manufacturing numbers in over 30 years. The number of caravans being built per year is only set to grow with figures from Roy Morgan indicating that up to 78,000 people are interested in buying a caravan within the next year. In 2010 only 21,150 caravans were made indicating the rising growth of Interest in the Industry. This huge growth is indicative of Australians recognising the benefits of investing longer term in their holidays and the freedom of choice that caravanning provides.

This growth is also attributed to the rise in the number of younger families entering the market by purchasing affordable entry level caravans such as the New Age Wallaby pop top. Couples and young families are recognising the many benefits attributed with a caravanning lifestyle and the time it affords them. A large segment of the industry is actually 30-49 year olds who take shorter and more frequent holidays.

With caravans to suit all budgets and needs the public will continue to invest with the knowledge that their investment will have minimal depreciation and great resell value. This only adds to the popularity of caravans.




Background Information

The first New Age Caravan came out of production in 2008. By 2009 New Age Caravans had produced 7 different prototypes and designs. The product was taken to the market with an overwhelmingly positive response. New Age has been rightly credited with revolutionising the caravan Industry. Their devotion and commitment to the R & D of a modern contemporary caravan design has placed them at the forefront of the industry.

The year ending 2010 New Age Caravans were building 20 caravans a month 240 per year this gave them the catalyst needed to take the business into its next phase. By the end of 2012 they had their own retail arm staff had increased by 40% and New Age Caravans were producing over 800 caravans a year, this was achieved through improvements in design, quality and overall business acumen.

A new manufacturing facility was established in 2013 in Epping Victoria. This expansion underpinned the level of growth the company had achieved in such a small period of time. Production had increased as had the focus on detail, the purchasing process and most importantly the advancement of designs and options available to a burgeoning customer base, with 10 model ranges and 35 layouts available.


New Age Caravans state of the art facility is the driving force behind our success. The facility incorporates the latest in technological advances and enables the 130+ workers on the factory floor the ability to be passionate about their work and let their creativity shine in our R&D area. Every stage of the building process has been planned and pre-determined to ensure the highest standard of quality and efficiency of build incorporating international manufacturing principles to deliver the highest quality finished product.

Using these unique production methods and distinctive designs all New Age Caravans are built to Australian standards ensuring they are compatible with the various conditions and terrains in Australia. Our team work had to continually make changes and develop prototypes, adapting new materials and concepts in accordance with the needs of various environments. This market leading approach ensures that New Age customers are the first to receive the benefits of developments in the caravan industry.

With design, planning and build right through to quality control being conducted on site customers are assured that the New Age Caravans team has all production bases well and truly covered.

National Dealer Network

The success of New Age Caravans is inextricably linked to the success of our National Dealer Network. New Age spends time analysing and researching the needs of our dealership markets in order to enable the company to achieve the best possible result. Understanding the dealer strategy and overall business model empowers us to incorporate the correct strategies, specific products and solutions into the New Age business model.

With New Age Caravans’ strong and dedicated dealer network encompassing over 100 accredited repairers across Australia, New Age Caravan customers will feel undaunted at the prospect of travelling and be self-assured that their investment will be taken care of.

Company Merits

New Age Caravans have always been committed to its customers, brand, people and product. Today, New Age Caravans remains as driven about these core values as when the company began this is what makes New Age the true leader and innovator in this industry. Remaining steadfast in providing viable and cost effective caravan solutions to different customer segments without any compromise to the quality or service.

The company believes in its slogan of a “New Age of Living” as it relates to its caravans and the experiences on offer through their use all over Australia. New Age Caravans product offering provides comfortable and luxurious 5 star accommodation wherever our customers choose to go.

New Age Caravans are constantly evolving and adapting their product to suit an ever changing market, New Age are the innovators of the industry and will remain as such through unprecedented technology acquisition and development. This is a priority for the company with manufacturer numbers being ubiquitous and employing a follow the leader strategy in an attempt to duplicate our offering. Our dedicated R&D team ensure the continual improvement of our product to stay at the forefront of technology, design and innovation within the caravan industry.