Customer Assurance

Quality customer service is one of the main priorities for New Age and this is achieved by implementing strategies and processes to ensure all aspects of customer service is covered. This begins by ensuring that all the New Age staff are well trained and ready to assist customers with any enquiry, with regular training sessions on new products and repairs.

New Age caravans have set up an extensive support network so that every question can be answered when necessary. This includes support services such as New Age Assist, providing 24 hours 7 days a week peace of mind.

Customer feedback plays a major part in our customer service approach. Customer feedback is collated from a range of sources including but not limited to; surveys, focus groups, customer club events, social media etc. This formulates a basis for customer contact and enables New Age to review products and procedures.

The New Age focus is on the customer and ensuring that they are happy with not only the high quality product, but also the service. When purchasing a New Age Caravan one is not only purchasing the caravan, but also the New Age lifestyle and support.

With dedicated suppliers and dealerships you can rest assured that you receive and have access to a support network Australia Wide. The New Age experience does not end at purchase, so be a part of the New Age Caravans family and enjoy a lifetime of cherished memories.