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Get 12 months of Roadside Assistance
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In the unlikely event that you should experience an issue with your caravan whilst on holidays, rest assured our Roadside Assistance and Technical Support Hotline are here to help you through those tricky situations.
For peace of mind caravanning, you can rely on New Age Roadside Assistance and support available 24/7 Australia wise.

To register for New Age Assist, please call New Age Caravans Head Office on (03) 9305 1714.
For 24/7 help or our Technical Advice Hotline, please call New Age Assist on 1300 968 396.

Listed below are the services available to you under New Age Assist:

General Assistance We will relay urgent messages to family, friends and business associates, likely to be concerned by disruption or delay.
Flat Tyre The caravan’s roadworthy spare tyre will be fitted. The cost of the service is covered up to $160.00 including GST (excludes any repair costs, replacement tyres, valves and tubes).
Lockouts / Lost Keys We will gain emergency access to the caravan. Arrange for you to obtain the spare key) if applicable). The cost of the service is covered up to $160.00 including GST (excludes any repairs, costs and cutting).
Emergency Towing / Mechanical Breakdown The Caravan will be transported to the nearest suitable repairer. The cost of the service is covered up to $600.00 including GST per breakdown (excludes any repair costs and additional towing. Caravan only).
Technical Advice New Age Roadside Assist will be offering technical advice over the phone from a qualified Technician, Electrician or Plumber. Available Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm EST for all your caravan enquiries. We can offer peace of mind whilst you are on the road.

You get comprehensive roadside assistance and unlimited callouts across Australia. Whether it’s a flat tyre, lighting issues or something else altogether, we’ll aim to get you back on the road in no time.


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*New Age Assist and technical advice will be offered Australia wide. New Zealand customers will be able to receive New Age technical advice.


New Age Assist Member Testimonial
“…Whilst we all hope never to have our new caravan break down, when assistance is required the quality, care, service and overall value of a company post-sales is placed under the microscope.

From my family’s personal experience dealing with New Age Caravans – and in particular the response of New Age Assist during our caravan breakdown, repair and follow-up – has cemented the great choice we made in owning a New Age Caravan.
When I first spoke to Mandy the next morning she got the process moving to start resolving our particular problem. Initial feelings of trepidation and concern rapidly dissolved as it became apparent Mandy not only appreciated the situation we were in, but was also in a position to resolve any road-blocks.
Being in outback Queensland at the time our caravan broke down this understandably introduced a lengthier repair time frame but it was nice to know we weren’t a number but “a valued customer requiring assistance” and where things could be controlled the process kept moving so that our caravan was operational and back on the road for us to continue our road trip in as short a period as possible. The follow up from Mandy to check that everything with the caravan was still fine a few days travelling after the repair, again brought home the value of New Age as a worthy brand.
We sincerely thank, and would like you to acknowledge, New Age Assist (especially Mandy), for her role in resolving our caravan breakdown in a timely and professional manner and in maintaining the New Age brand.
We look forward with confidence to our continued travels in Australia with our New Age caravan.
Melissa and family, May 2017