Quality Products

Today, Australia is home to a superfluous number of caravan manufacturers, however, the level of luxury and opulence coupled with innovation offered by New Age Caravans is not found anywhere else. Through rigorous design, development and manufacturing techniques, New Age Caravans has combined the best of both, durability and unrivalled design features to provide a truly New Age style of living.

The finishing on our caravans is paramount. This is the reason our range boasts such an upper echelon of chic design features across all model ranges. Diamond gloss laminex bench tops and flush mount finishing on all cabinetry is achieved through state of the art precision cnc tooling. The unique one piece flooring system in the caravans offers customers the peace of mind and a solid foundation when embarking on their journey.

Every sleep in a New Age Caravan is guaranteed to be a comfortable one, featuring a deluxe innerspring mattress. Wall mounted TV sets and touch screen stereo systems are fitted for times when nothing could be more perfect than relaxing in the pure elegance of your New Age Caravan. Alternatively, you could take advantage with the use of energy saving LED lamps and curl up with your favourite book whilst your washing is being done in New Age’s exclusive wall mounted front loader washing machine.

Each van comprises of lavish interior, together with a rugged outer body which includes strong checker plate stone guards fitted to the front, back and sides of the caravan. As a standard feature each caravan also comes with a double glazed entry door and stainless steel security mesh. In addition to this, each van is equipped with the convenience of a full front tunnel boot making it tremendously practical for the great outdoors.

New Age Caravans are at the forefront of the caravan industry encompassing modern aesthetics, ergonomic designs and a robust construction quality offering caravanner’s around Australia the opportunity to travel in both style and elegance. For added peace of mind, New Age Caravans have the lowest number of warranty claims in the industry largely due to our water testing procedures and high level of quality control processes ensuring our caravans are a premium build every time and delivered in the best fashion possible.